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Unsightly Toilet Rings

What removes those unsightly toilet rings?  Throughout the years I have received many calls asking this question.  Unfortunately scrubbing with harsh abbrasives can aggravate the problem by creating tiny scratches in the porcelain giving hard water stains more to cling to.  So what works best?  I've put some products to the test.  What I have found to work superior is Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner Gel w/Bleach. Twice a week, squirt some up inside your toilet rim (so you get the jets).  Scrub lightly with your toilet brush and allow the Clorox to soak for a while before flushing your toilet.  While you leave on vacation, squirt some into your toilets to soak while you are gone.  The change is not immediate, but in a few months I've found those toilet rings removed without scrubbing or harming the porcelain. 
Protect Your Home from Freezing Pipes

Cold weather is upon us.  Take some simple precautions to help protect your home and belongings from burst pipes.  Please see the link on left for tips on how to winterize your house.

Toilet Rings

Freezing Pipes

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